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  1. Lorne Green

    Mine was 6 PD 1959

  2. Tom Brennan

    Mine was 13 P.D. Ottawa March 10, 1958

  3. Wayne Flaherty

    I also went through sunnybrook as a 16 year old soldier apprentice. April 1963 and was placed on leave without pay until September when we were paid the great sum of 60$ a month. I was rich or so I thought

    • Patrick Buzzell

      Bingo, but mine was 4PD, now a shopping center in Longueuil, QC.


    While we are talking about enlistment dates., 70 years ago at thew age of 14 I enlisted at 2 PD Fredericton NB for the Infantry later the Service Corp, Been there done that.

  5. And … while we’re at it, 57 years ago today, I signed on the dotted line [remember those?] at the tender age of 16. RCASC they said. What the hell is a RCASC I wondered. Now, all these year later, so very proud to have been an Apprentice Soldier and a member of THE Corps.

    Nil Sine Labore … your humble servant.

  6. Bob Janisse 17pl ATC RCASC

    Sixty years ago today I signed up at 7 PD in London On the to be a Soldier Apprentice at the impressionable age of 16. It was a long time ago. The training we were put through was stiff but taught us invaluable lessons that stayed with me all this time. Tenacity being the big one and thirst for learning. Too bad they discontinued the program.

    • Wes (cowboy) Neilly

      Congrats Bob. Nice to see other older than me types of RCASC. LOL. 09 July is my Join Up
      anniversary at 6 PD in Toronto, On. in 1962.

      • Bill Marsh

        I came in at 6 PD in 1956.

      • Wes I also joined up at 6 PD Feb 1957 arrived at the Allendale RR Station and there an Army [anel as we called back in pour and took me to my New Home for 28 years and I do not regret one bot of it

        • Hey gang ….. I joined at 6PD Sunnybrook also …. it was interesting as another “Friend” there asked for a football to toss around while waiting for bus to train…. the Recruiting Sergeant gave him (And Me) a wheelbarrow and two brooms to sweep the curbs for the roadway to recruiting center….. remember the task but not the friend who got me to volunteer!! I loved the future from 17 August 60-79 RCASC(S) Depot

    • Bill Donaldson

      It was the best way to finish high school, learn a trade at the same time and get paid for it.

    • Congratulations, keep on keeping on.

    • Goldie - 32Plt

      Allan Goldthorpe here Bob. 5 years behind you. Same PD – 32 Plt ATC

  7. Patrick Buzzell

    Just got a Facebook notification that our Brother Vincent Impellezzeni (Korean Vet) went on and joined the Advance Party on 1 July 2018. Robert, Vince’s boy will repost at a latter date more info regarding the service details.

  8. Tom & Diane Brennan

    To all you old Truckers out there, have a great Canada Day.

  9. Ken Pierce

    Happy Canada Day to the RCASC Corps family from Sunny, Hot, Ottawa. 35 right now, 45 with the humidity, our record is 46 with the Humidity, we might just beat that record before the day is out. Dam it’s hot, thank God for Air Conditioners… Have a great day where ever you are in Canada.

    • Wes (cowboy) Neilly

      Ken, I have contacted the RCMP about Ontario’s theft of BC Weather ! Barely made it up to 20 the
      other day ! 30s back end of this week. Cheers, old pal.

  10. George

    Well,it`s the time of the year again for our RCASC brunch on Saturday July 7, 2018. at 10.30 am Our address is 188 Flavelle Rd S.E. Calgary. Please .let us know if you can come and how many will attend .Host`s are George and Marion Edle
    PS.Long range forecast said it`s ,sunny.and any Army brats are welcome,
    Our Phone number is 403-255-2650,See you then

  11. Wes (cowboy) Neilly

    Happy Canada Day to All eh ? Out herein BC we see that Easteners have stolen our Okanagan BC
    weather once again. Not that I only complain about the weather, as I age, I find that I complain about
    a myriad of items, LOL.
    Cheers Eh !

    • Patrick Buzzell

      Thanks and happy Canada day to you too and all RCASC’s.

  12. Mike Davis

    Howie, we were saddened to hear of Edna’s passing .Peggy and I extend our sincere condolences to you and your family.

  13. Ken Pierce

    Howie, we’re truly sorry to here of the passing of Edna, our hearts go out to you and your family at this difficult time. May God bless her.

  14. Patrick Buzzell

    My deepest sympathy to you Howie, your family and friends. Take care.

  15. Donnie

    Our deepest and most sincere condolences are passed to Howie Bickford with the passing of his wonderful Bride Edna….on this 26 June 2018…..she gave it all she had….a real fighter….so sad….our heart and prayers go out to the entire family …..GOD BLESS….RCASC…

    • Wilf Bowering

      Howie so sorry to hear about your loss we will keep you in our prayers Wilf & Brenda

    • Bill Donaldson

      Our Western Region vets will be saddened by your loss, Donnie. Stay in touch.

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