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  1. Donnie

    Connie you can bet on it….nobody is leaving this world alive…..not even Trump… never knows how or when but you can your hat on the fact it will happen…..just sayin… is one of the reasons I decided to ride again….seemed everybody was leaving doing something they did not like to do….screw that….be good Pal…..

    • I am wishing for “LED” body parts which would extend our lives! Used to be the fountain of “youth” but doubt the latter will exist before my trip to the Advance Party! Let’s place two solar powered lights on post’s at RCASC Waggoner’s Park …. Nobody needs to turn off our lights …. Have Logistics do yearly check that the bulbs okay??? ….. NIL SINE LABORE …. wonna

    • Do miss riding the iron steed but man, I have some great memories of my two wheel travels over the years. 🙂

  2. Donnie

    I think it is safe to say 2018 has not started off well for the RCASC……the list of Advance Party pers is astonishing to which today we add Dick Leech…..we have reached the end of yet another era with his passing….A CORPS person through and through……an excellent OFFICER…..and a fine soldier for he was that as well……my sincere condolences to their families on both side and their thousands of friends… he RIP…..Prayers

    • Well Damn! Now I’m starting to think I may not live forever. 😦

      • Well Conrad it seems none of us is destined to live indefinitely. I think now it will boil down to a contest of who will be the last survivor who’s unhappy task it will be to turn out the lights.

    • Wilf Bowering

      The last few years have not been kind to RCASC we just need to make the best of the time we have keep riding

  3. Gary Campbell

    Major-General RD (Dick) Leech, CD, RCASC, Jun 1936-Feb 2018

    I am sad to report that MGen Leech passed away this morning. At the time of his death, he was the senior RCASC officer. He had been the Colonel Commandant of the Logistics Branch about twenty years ago. Funeral arrangements to be advised.

  4. Hello out there to all you RCASC Chappies and Susan the Corps Brat. Looking for names regarding
    Depot Platoon 136 and 139 1963. I have two pictures of said platoons but no names appreciate any names

    • Barry G Hunt

      Hi Don I don’t have the info you are looking for but if memory serves, it was you who was checking into Depot platoon numbers and asked me what depot platoon I was in, I was hazy about it at the time but I have since confirmed with platoon photos that I will send you if you email me, that I was definitely in 109 platoon circa 1961. Best regards Barry G Hunt.
      nil sine labore

  5. Charlie & Phyllis Clark

    Sorry to hear that John has passed on,from Phyllis & myself ,Mavis our Sincere Condolences to you & family.John was a great friend & a very proud comrade of the RCASC.Rest in Peace John.

  6. So sorry to hear of John Glocker’s passing. Sincere condolences to the Glocker family. May he Rest in Peace. Gold, Blue and Silver forever..

  7. allagasse

    It is with sorrow that I post the passing of John Glockler on 11 Feb. John was a strong member of the Western RCASC Association as well as a respected member of the Edmonton RCASC Group. He will be missed by his wife Mavis and family as well as all who knew him. Rest in peace John.

    • John was truly a fine man and a fine NCO. As a Solder Apprentice of the RCASC, when he came to ATC I thought he was a refreshing change as a Sgt to many of those who preceded him. Always had the utmost respect for John. My condolences to family and RIP John.

      • John Martin

        Sad to hear of John’s passing, he was our Tpt Sgt at CBUE Tpt. Fort Henry Germany. He was always a cheerful person who treated us Ptes well. He was from my home town and his mother worked at our high school and I played hockey against his brother. Rest in peace my friend and condolences to Mavis and family.

  8. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are today with the Glocker Family as we say goodbye to our Comrade JOHN…. Rest In Peace my friend …. you done your job …. God Bless you and all the Advance Party
    Wayne, Cathy Wannamaker

  9. William A Traynor (Bill)

    Bill Brown RCASC Korean Veteran passed away January 7 2018 in Calgary at Colonel Belcher Retirement Residence. Jill said internment will be at Beachwood veteran cemetery. Late spring or Early summer. Rest In Peace my friend.

    • Roger LeBlanc

      Writing this from Florida..Hello sorry to hear about Bill Brown my condolences to Jill and Family..alot of great memories..Roger

  10. Hello out there to all you RCASC Chappies and Susan the Corps Brat. Looking for the whereabouts of Barry Hunt ( Wait for the Waggon UTube ) last known address was in Calgary but I think he has moved down East

    • Donnie

      Barry Hunt is in New Brunswick…..unfortunately I do not have his address…..he sent me pictures of the farm he purchased a couple of years ago…..try the white pages on….can’t hurt…..I found George Hann in NFLD this week on site after 55 years….just sayin….

    • Barry Hunt

      Hi Don, well you found me, Barry Hunt alive and well, living in New Brunswick

  11. 32plt

    I’m wondering whatever happened to those ornately carved wooden chairs (with the Service Corps badges on them) that came from the old officers’ mess and were last seen at the senior ncos’ mess on the airforce side?!

    • Lorne Green

      When I questioned about where these chairs went, I was told that they went into storage but found out that the were stored in different homes this was back in 87.

    • Yes the RCASC Chairs when we had our 40 Anniversary at the WO’s Sgts Mess in 1999 we had the very chairs at our head table. Besides those ones there had to be well over a hundred when they moved from the old RCASC Sgt’s Mess now the Borden Newspaper. When you look at the Album entitled On Our Way you will see one of the RCASC chairs at our head table.


  12. allagasse

    Email from Judy Matchim Re JONH GLOCKER

    It is with regret that I share this email with all RCASC members. As most of you know John Glocker has not been well for the last couple of years. The RCASC was very close to his heart and he was at his last luncheon where photos were posted never realizing that it would be his last meeting that he was able to attend. Please say a prayer, if you pray, for the family to get thru this trying time!

    Email from Mavis Glockler

    We got John into an Edmonton “Hospice” yesterday(1 Feb) very sad and hard day for all of us
    He is well sedated and In very little pain and sleeps a lot…
    The kids and I are here with him all the time letting him know we love him and we will not be leaving him….
    Judy,if you feel you want to put this on the RCASC page,please feel free to do so …

    • Wilf Bowering

      John and your family are in our prayers
      God Bless

    • Al
      How are you doing. With John Glockler could you please give me some background on him as it is I searched my RCASC Family Site and was unable to find any information on him. Would you be so kind to pass what you have then I can add it to the Site. password waggon

  13. Rest In Peace Jerry

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