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  1. Jim Fell

    For those of you who know Jim & Sandra Butson Mary & I had a great 2 hour visit with them to-night. They are both doing well and head back home to NS on Wed. Jim was was my best man in 1960 when Mary and I & were married in Whitehorse. So great to see old friends these day as so many are gone to the Advance party to wait for us to arrive. Hope this fines you in reasonably good heath.
    Jim & Mary Fell

  2. Donnie

    It is with a heavy heart that I relay the passing of Larry Pascal…..everyone who knew him is a better person for having done so….cheerful, always a smile, a good soldier, excellent bike rider, and a true friend…..he will be missed by all….though he lost the battle cancer knew it was in a fight……I take a moment to thank Larry for being part of my life….we shared many a laugh…..RIP Soldier ….your watch is over……Prayers…..until we meet again….stay in the saddle and keep the wind in your face….

    • Jim Fell

      This very sad news he was an excellent man in all aspects he will be missed. Our deepest sympathy to his family.
      Mary &Jim Fell

  3. Hello out there to all your RCASC Chappies and Susan the Corps Brat. This is a special thank you to Al
    Wall for sending me the Depot Platoon of 138 1965 and when completed will be uploaded to the Depot Album. Thanks again Al

  4. Tom Brennan

    To all you old Truckers, have a great Thanksgiving.

  5. Wes ( Cowboy ) Neilly

    My wish for we RCASC types is that everyone has a nice Thanksgiving ! We do soar with the Eagles,
    but still eat Turkey eh ? Cheers, Wes.

  6. Hello out there to all you RCASC Chappies and Susan the Corps Brat. I just finished uploading the listing of all thirty seven Apprentice Platoons. They are found at the end of the Apprentice Album pictures. This is similar to the one at the Borden Museum I added along side each names of the Chaps that have passed on to the Advance Party. If you notice any errors in spelling of their last names or that they might be listed in the wrong platoon and if you have first names I will add that to their names also with the closing of the main RCASC Web Site please let me know of other Chaps that passed on to the Advance Party and I will place that along beside their name .
    Nile Sign Labore

  7. Donnie

    Help, Help Help……looking for old RCASC member Wayne Cook….trucker come motorcycle rider was in Germany early sixties, Calgary 1970-73 era…..if you are aware of his location please drop me a message….can also find me on facebook…..Donnie Cappler

  8. Hello out there to all you RTCASC Chappies and Susan the Corps Brat . My interest I getting a signed copy of Apprentice Platoon No 12 has been taken care of by Ed Burke plus he has sent to me npt only the one in question but another one as well taken in 1956.

  9. Jim Fell

    For those of you who know and have worked with JP Picette he came for an overnight visit this week, we had a great evening talking about the past and many of your names came up as we sat out on the balcony and worked our way through a bottle of Drambuie. I told him I would post this and he sends his best regards to all
    Jim Fell

  10. Hello out there to all you RCASC Chappies and Susan the Corps Brat. I just posted updated pictures on the Apprentice Cameos as follows Bill Marsh, Allan Goldthorpe and Ted Shelly. Also i have pictures of the Tillsonberg Reunion if any one would like to have. Still trying to find out as to who the Apprentice Chap of 12 Platoon for a copy of his Platoon Picture and going way back to a Apprentice Reunion in Borden Bob Baxter was to send me a signed copy of 12 Platoon that included the French Intake Lads and not forget one that Wally Sanders was to send to me as well.

    • Thomas MacArthur

      How do I get into your websitre??

    • Patrick Buzzell

      Nice work Don. Thank you for your time given so freely for this important note of our History. Our starting point on the road from childhood to manhood.. What an extraordinary adventure. Take care.

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