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  1. Ed Burke

    I was with RCASC (A) 12th Platoon in the 1956 intake. Bob Baxter was my very first roommate! He couldn’t shine boots worth a crap! Can’t even imagine calling him ‘Colonel’!! There were 41 of us in our second year with the addition of the French contingent. What I’d like to know is who and how many have gone on the advance party! I know of a few. How many of us would be alive after 60 years? For anyone interested I also have photos of 12th platoon 1st and 2nd year, Team photos (hockey, rifle, basketball, gymnastics) of those who played in the Apprentice Tournament with RCASC hosting (and aceing) the games – 1957, I believe). We were the only platoon (as far as I know) who asked for and got permission to organize our own dances (with our officers and instructors standing aside and monitored without interfering, ensuring we did it – Properly) – with Denemoustier our MC – we trucked girls and chaperones in buses from surrounding towns, residences etc to attend our dances at the Hennessy block.- this resulted in many in the other platoons applying for transfer to 12th platoon. We charged admission to non-platoon members, allowed a few ‘honorary 12th platoon members’ – two or three, Steve Soulis for one, managed to transfer. All this before most of us not yet 19!! I’m taking all of this paraphernalia and stuff to the Camp Borden Museum – otherwise, somebody will take it to the dump… live in Minden, about 150 clicks away.

    • Jim Cameron

      Ed, Don Walton with his RCASC Family Tree site might be interested in some of the things you have. He’ll probably be on here in the next day or so.

  2. Ken Pierce

    Bill, we were disappointed you never made it to our Saturday Breaky, but family comes first and always should. Hopefully the next time your in Ottawa on the second Saturday of the month, please drop in.

    • Bill Raspberry

      Thanks Ken. I was also disappointed I couldn’t make our Corps Saturday Breaky. Knowing they are held on the second Saturday of the month will help me in planning to attend an upcoming Breaky.

      Sincerely, Bill

      • Reply to Bill;
        If you are down Quebec City way, Our ”Breakies” are on the first Saturday of each month.

        Bob D’Avignon

        • Bill Raspberry

          Merci beau coups mon ami. That would be a nice two week vacation for Dawn and I. One week in beautiful Quebec and one week in our old homestead Ottawa. Take care my friends.

          Nil sine labore, Bill

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