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  1. Bob Baxter

    All our stories have the same theme. Just a wonderful guy who was very happy in his own skin. Never heard him complain in either 3 Tpt in Borden or 1 Tpt in Chambly. Sadly the list continues to grow.

  2. Jim Cameron

    Sincere condolences to Charlie’s family and friends. First met Charlie at #9 Transport in Beach Bldg, Ottawa. As well as loading full 45 gal drums he would do a hand stand up on the third floor of the garage and then walk on his hands all the way down to the main floor. RIP Charlie.


    My condolences to Charlie’s family. I remember Charlie for his remarkable feats of strength at ! Tpt. One day two infanteers were struggling to load a 45 gallon drum of fuel onto a 3/4 ton with no success,
    Charlie said “out of the way boys” and loaded it on the truck with no help. The ever smiling Charlie thought nothing of it!

  4. My condolences to the family of our brother Charlie Zink. I have to mention one incident with Charlie at 1 TPT in Germany. On pay parade one day ,Charllie cried out<< Sargeant-Major ! Our Sgt-Major said, '' Yes, Charlie'''Sgt. Major, would it be possible to commence pay parade in reverse alphe
    betable order ? It was not done but I will always remember it. Bob

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